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If you’re feeling sluggish or want to make lifestyle changes for sustained weight loss, you may benefit from professional nutrition counseling. Our doctors can help you improve your health and well-being from the inside out with customized nutritional advice, including dietary adjustments and supplements. Call Renewed Wellness in West Palm Beach, Florida, or schedule a consultation online today to start your journey toward optimal health and wellness.


Why is proper nutrition important?

The food you eat provides your body with the fuel and nutrients it needs for optimal function. It supports good health and energy levels and contributes to your ability to repair and grow new cells for tissue repair, hair growth, and a beautiful complexion.

However, the standard American diet relies on heavily processed foods that include plenty of fat, salt, and sugar, but few of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to function.

Renewed Wellness can help you optimize your nutrition and improve your health with dietary change and nutritional supplementation, including nutraMetrix® and TLS® weight loss programs.

How can proper nutrition help me lose weight?

The math of losing weight is deceptively simple — you need to use more calories than you consume. However, not all calories are created equal.

While it’s an extreme comparison, consider what you get when you eat 100 calories of broccoli compared with 100 calories of chocolate.

You need to eat approximately four cups of broccoli to consume 100 calories. Those four cups of broccoli also have 10 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber, and 1.6 grams of fat.

However, two tablespoons of chocolate chips provide 100 calories and 6 grams of fat, but only 1 gram of protein and no fiber.

Renewed Wellness can help you change your relationship with food and learn to choose healthier, nutrient-dense options instead of relying on unhealthy convenience foods or sweets that should only be consumed occasionally as a treat.

You will feel full and satiated while losing weight because healthy, nutrient-dense foods provide the bulk you need to fill your stomach but with fewer calories.

What should I expect from nutritional counseling?

Renewed Wellness provides highly personalized nutrition services. During your initial consultation, you talk about your diet, lifestyle, general health, and what you want to achieve by optimizing your nutrition.

Our doctors may order tests to screen for health conditions that could interfere with weight loss as well as nutritional deficiencies.

Together, you implement a nutrition plan to optimize your diet. Depending on your goals and needs, your provider may recommend nutraMetrix® or TLS products to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs or kickstart your weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to make a healthy change to improve your overall wellness, call Renewed Wellness, or schedule a nutrition consultation online today.