Renewed Wellness focuses on improving your overall well-being. In addition to therapies designed to relieve pain and improve your strength and resiliency, you also receive nutritional counseling and recommendations for dietary supplementation to optimize your overall health.

For example, your provider may recommend nutraMetrix® supplements. This supplement line offers cutting-edge nutraceuticals, customizable nutritional regimens and support for continued education for our patients.

The NutraMetrix system also offers a children’s supplement line that Renewed Wellness has partnered with called “DNA Miracles”. This is a specialty line of high quality supplements/vitamins designed for babies and children. Formulated with the best natural ingredients, each product is gentle and perfect for keeping your little one’s immune system ready to fight the back-to-school germs.

​Patients can find effective, science-based solutions to health questions and concerns and research articles in real time along with the guidance from our doctors at or thru a consultation in our office.

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