Functional rehabilitation


At Renewed Wellness our functional rehabilitation focuses on increased strength, balance, stability, flexibility and endurance to improve overall function of the body, enhancing the entire neuromuscular system.

​The rehabilitation protocols in our office focus on the structural correction of the spine. We implement the Pettibon system which first involves an assessment of the spine then rehab protocols designed to rehabilitate the spine and correct your posture. The specifically designed weights and exercises in this  system directly address the posture component and show that spinal correction is related to the strengthening of targeted muscles groups.

​ Many may compare functional rehabilitation to physical therapy. The difference is that there is a shift from treating the area of pain to the area of dysfunction. Functional rehabilitation involves performing controlled movement in strength conditioning and dysfunction.

It directly improves the performance of movements so that an individual’s activities of daily living are easier to perform. The overall goal of this type of rehabilitation will assist every individual to recover faster and perform better

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