Is Driving Posture Important?

In the modern world we spend an incredible amount of time driving. Between commuting to work or school, driving to the grocery store or the gym, drive time really starts to add up. (Especially, in West Palm Beach traffic!) Having poor posture while you’re driving can negatively impact your spinal health.

Adjusting the mirrors in your car while sitting up straight in your car seat can motivate you to maintain proper posture. Leave the mirrors in that position, and every time you go to look in your mirror you will be reminded to sit up straight and have good posture.

Remember to re-adjust your seat if it has been moved for any reason and always take stretching breaks during road trips or long commutes. Standing up every couple of hours will prevent stiffness in the compressed areas of your back and spine, and help you maintain proper posture.

The headrest portion of the seat should be level with the middle of your head, if it is too low it can increase a whip-lash injury if you were to be in an accident. The back of your seat should allow you to sit up straight without slouching. Your thighs should be flat or horizontal with your knees slightly below your hips.

Maintaining spinal balance while driving is important. Be sure to take your wallet or phone out of your back pocket before driving. This can lead to muscle strain and discomfort during your drive.

If you’re unsure of your driving posture you can always ask the doctors at Renewed Wellness for posture advice.

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