Chiropractic Care While Sick?

If you’re under the weather and feel like calling in sick to your chiropractor, think again. Coming in for your adjustment can have many benefits especially when fighting off a common cold or virus. If you're already under chiropractic care, then you probably understand the basics of why the nervous system is an important part of being healthy.

There is significant research on the connection between the nervous system and the immune system. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Karina always encourage patients to continue to come in for their appointment when they aren’t feeling 100%.

If you're concerned about being contagious, or not sure if you are too sick to come in, we encourage you to give our office a call before your appointment. We can advise you based on your specific symptoms and needs. The staff at Renewed Wellness will take extra precautions to be sure you can receive care while limiting the spread of any germs.

If you're having symptoms of serious illness or fever higher than 103, please be sure to contact your primary care doctor right away or dial 911 for emergency assistance.

Common symptoms patients experience such as: runny nose, cough, mild fever, loss of appetite, weakness and lethargy are all caused by your immune system. The immune system causes these responses for a reason.

A runny nose helps to flush out the virus or bacteria. A mild fever makes the body an environment that can actually kill illness-causing microbes. Heat-sensitive proteins in the cornea are protected from mild fever by our bodies response to cool them down by becoming watery or glassy. The body directs most of its energy to the immune system causing there to be less energy for the digestive system and a loss of appetite. The immune system is designed to fight illness and though the symptoms may be cumbersome, they do happen for a reason.

As soon you start feeling the tickle in your throat be sure to get plenty of rest, eat healthy vitamin-rich foods, and don’t skip your adjustment!

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